Acer laptop trackpad/touchpad not working after installing new OS, Windows 8 & 10.
Snoopy driver program was used to installing all the drivers, but still not working.

Admin Lee
2018-05-08 18:48

Acer model examples: E5-411, E5-774G

Download and  install the following drivers form its product site. Then reboot the unit.
Serial I/O Driver or Serial I/O Driver (Kabylake) according to the  unit's CPU

If it still does not work, then download and install Intel chip set driver or Chipset Driver (Skylake/Kabylake) form its product site. Then reboot.

If it still does not work,  update the bios.

Trackpad should work in "Advance mode" as well. 

It is confirmed working by Parmm and Paul Lee.

ref. web URL

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